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Ok, you've written a book or you’ve been thinking about writing a book. After you write your book, you’ll need a publisher, right? Well, quite frankly, there are many book publishers out there. However, with the web, you can now self-publish your own book. At Spencer Publishing Group, LLC (SPG) we aim to assist and encourage you to create your own website and control the outcome of your book.

We have partnered with a team of highly skilled professionals to help you get your book out to the public. But now, you are in the driver's seat and you no longer have to worry about literary agents and corporate-heads saying NO to your book. Wow!

Writing a book is challenging, but at SPG, we are here to help you with your book. Perhaps, all you need is some guidance and that’s where SPG will fill the gaps. So, get to writing or contact us for further information on how to get started. And again, WELCOME to SPG - your new home for book publishing guidance, along with additional resource links at the click of your mouse!

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